It’s Just A Dog - An Ode to Abby and her breed

With loving admiration from her mom Sandy Hunter

Abby Haus Juris

It’s just a dog they say
You will spend good money after bad
It’s a high price to pay
Since you’ll never get back the dog you had
It’s just a dog the vet said
The surgery went just fine
Such a young dog he said
She’ll bounce back in no time

 It may be just a dog I said
But she is not fine
She has lost all control I said
You did something to her spine

 Help my dog I said
To the second doctor I implored
She is my life I said
So the second surgery they explored

 She is such a brave dog they said
Her nerves have been cut
She wants to live they said
With time and love she will once again strut

 It’s just a dog many said
You could just put her down
I told them how could I
When I look into eyes so wise and so brown

 It’s not just a dog I said
She have given me a reason to live
She makes our lives whole I said
She still has so much to give

 Why can’t you understand I ask?
She would not forsake me
She’s more than a dog I said
Her name is Abby and here is her plea

  Just a dog? Tell that to the soldier
Whose dog detected a bomb
It’s more than a dog he’ll say
That dog prevented me from harm

 Tell that the woman
Whose dog discovered her cancer
It’s more than a dog she’ll say
The dog was able to give me an answer

 Tell that the police man
Whose K-9 finds the drugs
It’s more than a dog he’ll say
The dog catches the bad guys- he catches the thugs

 Tell that to the man
Who is confined to a wheelchair
It’s more than a dog he’ll say
My service dog is always there

 Tell that to the family
Whose little boy is lost
It’s a search and rescue dog they’ll say
He’ll find our boy no matter the cost

 And what about the dog
Who alerted his family to a fire
He’s more than a dog they’ll say
He is something to admire

These dogs have to so much to offer
They have so much to give
Stop thinking it’s just a dog
They give us a reason to live

 It’s just a dog you say?
I tell you think again
Through trials, tribulations and wars they have served
It’s not just a dog- it’s man’s best friend

* Abby is a 2-year-old Liedo daughter who suffered serious injury following surgery. She endured two surgeries in less than two weeks and has been rendered completely incontinent. Although she needs to wear diapers, she is a very happy girl!